Bharat Shorts – First Telugu Voice Assistant News App

Bharat Shorts

Bharat Shorts Best Local Short News App

Harine innovation from Visakhapatnam has launched the Bharat shorts – best local short news app. Bharat Shorts – First Telugu Voice Assistant News App. It reads news in local languages briefly by voice over. Our professional editors gather news from multiple news sources like local dailies, TV news channels, website send blogs summaries each news story in just 500 characters.

Bharat shorts app was currently available in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states in Telugu language. The app is available more Languages is in the next days. Chatting the Bharat shorts is accessible on Android. The company was expecting million users for Bharat Shorts in the next few months. Provides news briefly from local to global, giving priority to local News by local reporters.

Kalla Prasad Kumar from Visakhapatnam founded the Bharat shorts app.

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